Now’s the time for OrthAlign

In Any OR, with Any Surgeon, Any Time.

As case-loads start returning post-COVID, we’re here for you.

Orthopedic caseloads are going to surge; we’ll see twelve-hour days addressing pent-up demand. In times like these, technology is more crucial then ever to keep outcomes consistently accurate. Inefficient robots that can only be in a single room at a time and bring extra personnel into the OR just won’t cut it.

Our single-use disposable hand-held surgical navigation is the backup camera of choice for joint surgeries worldwide.
Any OR, with Any Surgeon, Any Time.


Always working

Our tech has powered more
then 150,000 knee and hip
surgeries to date. Reach
for OrthAlign when results
matter most.



Because we’re not tied to
capital equipment, our tech
can be in any OR, anytime,
multiple ORs at the same time,
and ported over to your ASC
with ease.


Patient Focused

Use whatever implant you prefer.
No CT-scans needed.
No navigation pins needed for KneeAlign
Consistently accurate results, every time.


Surgeon Focused

Think of us like the backup
camera in your car. We’re
watching your environment,
crunching data and showing
you the important things when
you need to see them.

Powering total knee replacement in over 25 countries, KneeAlign means precision, accuracy and predictable outcomes based on data in your hands.

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An accurate, simple-to-use technology that provides intra-operative navigation for DA-approach or Posterior-approach total hip arthroplasty.

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Perform partial knee replacement surgery with confidence and flexibility when you use UniAlign.

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