Optimized for Outpatient Total Joints

Any surgeon, any OR, any time

ASC technology

OrthAlign is navigation optimized for the ASC; an easily integrated and cost-effective solution that has aligned more than 200,000 total knee, partial knee, and total hip procedures worldwide. Simple and efficient navigation that provides the clinical value needed for the ASC.

It shows you where you’re going and gets out of your way.

Multi OR Support

Run multiple ORs and facilities concurrently.

Easy Integration

Fits into your normal surgical workflow. No extra time, equipment, workflows, or processes.

Small Footprint

One disposable. One tray.

Open Implant

Compatible with most standard implant systems.



No capital expense, software or maintenance fees, and no pre-op imaging.


Proven Accuracy

Accuracy supported by 20+ peer-reviewed clinical studies. OrthAlign provides individualized, accurate implant positioning in your surgery center.

The future of smart surgery is smaller, lighter, and simpler. Learn how OrthAlign delivers accurate and individualized implant positioning for your ASC.