Navigation for Approach-Agnostic THA.

Computer Assisted Surgery Hip Replacement
Technology that navigates cup placement and measures changes in leg length to improve accuracy, reduce outliers and minimize the need for fluoro.
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Navigate cup
placement, measure
leg length,
track pelvic tilt.



No capital expense,
software or maintenance
fees and no
pre-op imaging.



No cameras.
No line of sight
issues. No large
computer consoles.


Open Platform.

with all


HipAlign works with any approach (DA or Posterior) and provides confident, inter-operative navigation for cup placement and leg length.

  1. Abduction Angle
  2. Visualization
  3. Easy interactive buttons
  4. Off-screen advanced info
  5. Active pelvic tilt tracking
  6. Anteversion Angle

Case Studies

OrthAlign® technology was imperative for this patient with a prior spinal fusion undergoing right THA. [Sri Durbhakula, M.D.]
The Simple and Accurate Cup Setting with Portable Navigation System in Total Hip Arthroplasty [Fumio Sasazawa, M.D.]
Acetabular Cup Placement Accuracy of a Hand-Held Computer Navigation System for Direct Anterior THA [Bryan Emmerson, M.D., Denis Nam, M.D., Sridhar Durbhakula, M.D., William Lutes, D.O., Orian Bortz]
HipAlign allows us to reproduce optimal full hip replacement alignment of the components every time we do it. Bill Lutes, DO Aurora Medical Center
HipAlign is an intelligent surgical application that augments the tools I currently use to allow me to perform anterior hip replacement in an extremely precise manner. The technology offers a cost-friendly navigation option that is highly portable and unobtrusive. Brad Waddell, MD Carrell Clinic
After performing over 3,000 navigated total hip arthroplasties using a variety of different navigation devices and techniques, HipAlign has fit my workflow and made my accuracy the best by far. I said goodbye to lead aprons due to a minimal x-ray need for my anterior total hips. My clinical results have been excellent. I have found the lower cost technique is easily portable, and have used it at five different facilities, including two surgery centers. My patients also appreciate that I use technology to help make sure that my accuracy is second to none! Matthew Heinrich Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery

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