Now’s the time, for OrthAlign

Approaching technology in a COVID-19 world.

If you want to optimize for Results, Efficiency and Cost… OrthAlign is the only choice. Orthopedic robotics cease to make sense in the new environment we’re facing, whether it’s the costs associated with these systems, the extra reps in the OR when we’re trying to distance personnel, or the single-bot-per-room throttling volume and efficiency. It’s simply not the right choice for 2020.

But OrthAlign is. Hold our tech in your hands, mount it on your instruments, and go. The backup camera every joint case needs.
Any OR, with Any Surgeon, Any Time.



Repeatable accuracy, intra-operative guidance on par with large-scale robotics.



With no disruption to your OR, no extra personnel required, no pre-op CT scans, and no capital equipment… OrthAlign’s single-use handheld and instrument mounted technology is the preferred choice of surgeon and OR staff worldwide.



No capital costs. No ongoing maintenance fees. Simple per-case structure that can scale to multiple ORs simultaneously with ease.

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