OrthAlign Announces Clinical Milestone Having Performed 75,000 Joint Arthroplasty Cases

Contact: Adam Simone FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2018
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OrthAlign Announces Clinical Milestone Having Performed 75,000 Joint Arthroplasty Cases

Aliso Viejo, CA – February 13, 2018 – OrthAlign, Inc., a leading provider of orthopedic surgical navigation solutions, is proud to announce a clinical milestone with 75,000 navigation-assisted joint replacement surgeries. OrthAlign’s hand-held sensor-based technologies support a wide array of indications including total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and total hip replacement.

The company’s flagship application, KneeAlign® for total knee replacement, provides both tibial and femoral intra-operative navigation in a simple, palm-sized, single-use device. The KneeAlign application is compatible with all standard implant systems. The UniAlign™ application launched in early 2017 leveraging the clinical success of KneeAlign, and allowing for seamless transitions between partial and total knee replacement interventions.
In 2017, the Company had additionally launched HipAlign® for total hip replacement into limited market evaluation. The HipAlign application provides cup navigation and measures changes in leg length and will be launching for commercial availability in 2018.

“We are beyond thrilled to pass this significant milestone, building and servicing technologies that have assisted surgeons worldwide in completing more than seventy-five thousand successful arthroplasty surgeries,” said Eric Timko, Chairman and CEO of OrthAlign. “In ORs around the world, OrthAlign has become our customers’ most reliable tools for achieving their desired results.”

“What is remarkable about OrthAlign’s technology is that every post-operative result is consistent, every x-ray looks the same,” noted David Mayman, Co-Director of Computer Assisted Surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery. “I’m impressed by the rate of innovation happening at the company right now. The clinical advantage, along with the economics of the single-use disposable model, makes OrthAlign well poised for continued growth.”

OrthAlign, Inc.

OrthAlign is a privately held medical device and technology company, developing advanced technologies that deliver healthier and more pain-free lifestyles to joint replacement patients, globally. We provide healthcare professionals with cutting edge, computer-assisted surgical tools that seamlessly and cost-effectively deliver vital data and clinical results to optimize outcomes for our patients. For more information regarding OrthAlign, please visit www.orthalign.com or contact Adam Simone (asimone@orthalign.com).

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