Outpatient Revolution: Technology continues to expand in the ASC

9-26-2023 – Efficiency leads the way in technology adoption in the outpatient setting.

The utilization of both navigation and robotics has increased substantially over the past few years. Since 2017, the use of technology in total joint replacement has increased by over 15%.1 Surgeons are looking to implement technology that can be utilized across multiple implant platforms and surgical approaches. Not only is the use of technology being adopted by more surgeons, but the push to perform total joints in the ASC has increased by 57% since 2012.1

OrthAlign is well-positioned for this shift. Its user-friendly design and interface facilitate efficient workflows, enabling use in multiple operating rooms without extensive equipment, pre-operative imaging or investment required for many robotic and computer-assisted systems.

Lantern®, OrthAlign’s next generation platform, is optimized for the hospital or ASC with only one instrument tray, one navigation unit for all applications, no storage requirements, and no service plans. Through inertial sensors, Lantern provides surgeons access to real-time, patient-specific information about the alignment and balance of the joint for partial, total, and revision knee arthroplasty, all in the palm of their hand.

Dr. William Carpenter from Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance says, “I’ve seen firsthand how navigation technology has transformed the way we approach joint replacements. By using Lantern navigation during surgery, we’re able to achieve more precise implant positioning and improve care for our patients.”

“I’ve found OrthAlign’s navigation system to be incredibly user-friendly. The system’s intuitive interface means that it’s quick to set up and easy-to-use, which is essential in the operating room. The system has helped me to achieve accurate implant positioning and alignment, which translates to better care for my patients”, says Dr. Paul Sasaura, orthopedic surgeon at Sutter Medical Center.

OrthAlign believes that empowering technology should be accessible to all; open to all patients, sites, and surgeons. OrthAlign technology delivers the flexibility and precision that surgeons require and the efficiency and value that all facilities seek to provide exceptional care.

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